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Workshop on Maintaining Campus Network

Dates: 18-22 August 2017
Location: Potuakhali, Bangladesh
Host: PSTU
Venue: Patuakhali Science and Technology University: PSTU


  • This workshop is designed for engineers and system staffs working at ISPs or large networks including academic network, R&E network and enterprise network especially involved with system and service management, network monitoring and management and problem response and troubleshooting.

Workshop Goals

  • Train University's IT staff on administering Unix/Linux systems
  • Basic concept on Desktop Virtualization
  • Basic concept on Linux networking
  • Learn to implement basic Unix/Linux services which include configuring DNS, Web, Mail Server

The workshop is targeted for the network/system professionals from the different universities and research institutions in Bangladesh.

The following are the list of expected target audiences- University network engineering staffs and Research & Education Network Practitioners in Bangladesh

  • System Administrator
  • Network Administrator
  • Network Troubleshooter
  • IT Security Professional
  • IT Support


  • Linux Basic, Networking Basic and Command Line Interface (CLI) experience.
  • A laptop (Windows, MAC or Linux) with virtualization support

Recommended Software

Workshop Items

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